The DC150XC is a DC Smart Charger and compatible with 480 VAC 3-Phase sites in the United States. It is meant to be a turn- key, easy-to-deploy rapid charging solution for independent operators. It comes with 2 charging ports (CCS l, Tesla or CHAdeMO2.0), LTE connectivity, and a 150kW peak output. An Integrated POS system is included for easy revenue generation and management. The DC150XC can be deployed in less time and cost when compared to most units on the market. 



Compact, space-saving housing

DC150XC charging points can be accommodated on less than “5.38” square feet and weigh less than “882” lbs. The cables are well protected against damage caused by sharp objects, impact, and moisture. A unique z-shaped ventilation system and a centrifugal fan for cooling help extend the product life cycle.

Award winning design

The DC150XC fast charging station was awarded the Reddot Award in 2016. The circular display guides the customer easily through the charging process. 60 LEDs at the sides present the operating status and the progress of the state of charge (SOC)

Highly customizable and adaptable

Choose from the number of modules to achieve a maximum output power of up to 150kW. Optional touch screen capabilities. Extra-long cables which may be supported by a cable management system. Double CCS connectors or mixed with Tesla or CHAdeMO. DC output voltage range from 150 - 1000V, suitable for every electric vehicle in the market. Our bestselling DC charging station has been installed in more than 3500 locations around the world.

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