Charging A Greener Future




Electric Vehicles are critical to the future, and carry a significant scope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the first-of-its-kind, off-grid charging solution, Charge Me is building the infrastructure that will keep your EV on the road and electrified.




The EV400 is our portable off-grid charging unit powered by a dual-fuel generator so it can run on both clean fuels like propane as well as gasoline.




The EV800 is a first-of-its-kind stationary off-grid charging unit powered by a dual-fuel generator that runs on clean fuels such as propane and natural gas.

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EV 800

Rebates Decrease The Upfront Cost

To help grow the charging infrastructure, organizations across the country have started offering incentives to get businesses and residences to install EV chargers. These rebates can significantly reduce the initial cost of an EV charger.

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58% of the US has an EV
charger rebate available

While most people are familiar with the Federal tax credits available for installing EV chargers, many people are unaware of the additional programs that may be available. The problem is, these incentives aren’t as easy to find as the Federal tax credit. Rebate availability can depend on the geography, type of project, customer classification and type of EV charger installed. This complexity makes it hard to fully understand what kind of incentive might be available for a project.

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