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Our EV400 portable plug-in unit is a mobile, multi-use power generation system running on propane and gasoline.


The rise in electric vehicle (EV) adoption has created unanticipated consequences for both car dealerships and the towing industry. Car dealerships are asked to maintain large fleets of EV’s, for which battery charging and maintenance requires significant logistical coordination. Tow companies are equally inconvenienced, as EV’s cannot be easily towed (they do not have a neutral setting) and must be maneuvered into a flatbed truck, which brings additional fees and risk of damage. The EV400 Portable Charging Unit resolves concerns for both dealerships and tow companies by offering a cost-effective and practical solution to maintaining fleet batteries and providing roadside assistance. The EV400 charges up to 40 amps depending on EV Type, runs on propane and gasoline, and can be wheeled around dealerships with ease. The EV400 also fits easily into the back of a truck and allows tow companies to generate new revenue streams and get paid for the equivalent of a full tow in as little as 15 minutes charging.

  • Portable_and_Moduar-removebg-preview
    Universal charging capability with all electric vehicles
  • No_instalation_needed-removebg-preview
    No installation requirements necessary
  • Universal-removebg-preview
    Charges up to 1 mile per minute
  • Revenue-removebg-preview
    3-year limited warranty
  • Charge_Range-removebg-preview
    Portable & modular
  • Sound_Proof-removebg-preview-1
    On-Demand backup power generation
  • Phone_Connect-removebg-preview
    Connectivity with Phone App
  • revenue-generator
    Revenue Generator through Dispatch Application
  • Easy_to_Use-removebg-preview
    Easy-to-use plug in charging system
  • auxiliary-power-source
    Auxiliary Power Source
  • powered-by-duramax
    Powered by JuiceBox front-end interface
  • network-connectivity
    Network Connectivity with Cellular or WiFi
  • roadside-ev-assistance
    Roadside EV Assistance
  • agriculture
  • construction
  • stan-by-power-for-businesses
    Standby power for Businesses
  • camping
  • stand-by-power-for-homes
    Standby power for Homes
  • mining
  • emergency-support-systems
    Emergency Support Systems


  • Start Type :Electric
  • Max Running Amperage :40 Amps
  • Dualfuel :Gasoline
  • Cable Length :20 ft
  • Dimensions :34”L x 34”W x 30”D
  • Weight :Approx 310 lbs
  • Model Number :EV400


  • Start Type :Electric
  • Max Running Amperage :40 Amps
  • Dualfuel :Propane
  • Cable Length :20 ft
  • Dimensions :34”L x 34”W x 30”D
  • Weight :Approx 310 lbs
  • Model Number :EV400