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The Charge Me DC30M Direct Current (DC) Off Grid Fast Charger is a 30kW output DC fast charger ideal for auto dealerships, auto-rental companies, hotels and C-stores, where the rising number of electric vehicles needing charge requires a mobile charging unit that can be wheeled around a lot with ease. The DC30M is cost effective, self-sustained and the perfect way to take advantage of DC fast charging to manage a large fleet of electric vehicles.

DC charging can charge much faster than standard AC charging stations due to their higher power. The Charge Me DC30 will charge a typical EV passenger vehicle from 20%-80% in about an hour. Compatible with vehicles using the SAE J1772 Combo connector found on most electric vehicles in North America.

Generating its own power, running on natural gas or propane, the DC30M can be dropped at your location and ready to charge in hours. With Charge Me’s proprietary software, we can track charging speeds, provide valuable data, and ultimately help prevent battery degradation.

Don’t spend hours wheeling your electric vehicles to a charging point! Drop a DC30 for a fraction of the cost and start charging today!


The DC30M is easily maneuverable, cost-effective, and a convenient solution for taking advantage of DC fast charging to manage a fleet of electric vehicles.

  • Portable_and_Moduar-removebg-preview
    Universal charging capability with all electric vehicles
  • No_instalation_needed-removebg-preview
    No installation requirements necessary
  • Universal-removebg-preview
    Charges up to 1 mile per minute
  • Revenue-removebg-preview
    3-year limited warranty
  • Charge_Range-removebg-preview
    Portable & modular
  • Sound_Proof-removebg-preview-1
    On-Demand backup power generation
  • Phone_Connect-removebg-preview
    Connectivity with Phone App
  • revenue-generator
    Revenue Generator through Dispatch Application
  • Easy_to_Use-removebg-preview
    Easy-to-use plug in charging system
  • auxiliary-power-source
    Auxiliary Power Source
  • powered-by-duramax
    Powered by JuiceBox front-end interface
  • network-connectivity
    Network Connectivity with Cellular or WiFi
  • roadside-ev-assistance
    Roadside EV Assistance
  • agriculture
  • construction
  • stan-by-power-for-businesses
    Standby power for Businesses
  • camping
  • stand-by-power-for-homes
    Standby power for Homes
  • mining
  • emergency-support-systems
    Emergency Support Systems


  • Start Type :Electric
  • Max Running Amperage :40 Amps
  • Dualfuel :Gasoline
  • Cable Length :20 ft
  • Dimensions :34”L x 34”W x 30”D
  • Weight :Approx 310 lbs
  • Model Number :EV400


  • Start Type :Electric
  • Max Running Amperage :40 Amps
  • Dualfuel :Propane
  • Cable Length :20 ft
  • Dimensions :34”L x 34”W x 30”D
  • Weight :Approx 310 lbs
  • Model Number :EV400