Off-Grid Fast Charger

Starting at $5.00

The Charge Me DC30 Direct Current (DC) Off Grid Fast Charger is a 30kW output DC fast charger ideal for commercial, workplace, fleet and public charging, where it is too costly to improve infrastructure and bring new or improved power to your location. This cost effective, self-sustained unit is the perfect way to offer DC fast charging today without tearing up your facility and endless construction delays.

DC charging can charge much faster than standard AC charging stations due to their higher power. The Charge Me DC30 will charge a typical EV passenger vehicle from 20%-80% in about an hour. Compatible with vehicles using the SAE J1772 Combo connector found on most electric vehicles in North America.

Generating its own power, running on natural gas or propane, the DC30 can be dropped at your location and ready to charge in hours. With Charge Me’s proprietary software, we can integrate with your current POS system to add charging to a customer’s hotel bill, C store purchase, or your restaurant food bill while dining.

Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars digging up your parking lot to find out if customers will charge at your location! Drop a DC30 for a fraction of the cost and start charging today!


Running on natural gas or propane, the DC 30 can be dropped at any location and offer fast charging immediately – no installation required.