About Us


Mission Statement

Charge Me was founded on the principle that the electric vehicle (EV) revolution will require robust infrastructure support at all levels. To encourage this transition towards a clean energy future, Charge Me is launching a diverse product range of U.S.A manufactured EV charging solutions. Powered by clean fuels such as propane and natural gas, Charge Me has developed multi-use portable charging systems for both EV roadside assistance as well as stationary on-site power generation. To compliment this suite of options, each charging system has networked configuration to allow users to track and pay for their electricity through the Charge Me mobile app.





A clean energy future

Charge Me leverages clean fuels like propane and natural gas to generate off-grid power, helping to grow our national charging network with the cleanest alternative fuels in the market.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Charge Me is introducing stationary and portable roadside units that will help to build out our national charging network so EV drivers no longer fear a dead battery.

Customer Support

Through the Charge Me mobile app users will be able to request roadside charging assistance, track dispatches, locate stationary charging units, pay for service, and monitor live charging.

Data Analytics

From all the data collected on the Charge Me mobile app, we are able to perform data analytics to better understand customer needs, predict customer habits and improve the overall driving experience for electric vehicle owners.

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